[linux-lvm] Re: Problems running my home-built LVM2

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Feb 16 23:20:32 UTC 2009

>> It sounds like a likely culprit, indeed.  But Googling indicates that
>> LVM2 has been compiled and used with uClibc for initramfs purposes so it
>> should work fine.  Tho maybe the problem is that those references I see

> AFAIK, nobody is testing this regularly, especially not for the latest
> releases.  Also many (most?) distributions are now shipping an
> initramfs with a full glibc environment so this use is becoming
> less common.

I think I've finally "tracked it down".  Or at least I've found
a workaround: if I pass "--disable-o_direct" to configure, everything
works fine.

While trying to track it down, I saw that calls to "read" (from within
_io in dev-io.c) would often return garbage (tho not always).  Not sure
if it's a problem in LVM2, or in uClibc, or in the kernel, but I think
I've already wasted more than enough time on this, so I'll just use
the --disable-o_direct workaround.


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