[linux-lvm] extend the root vg to an md

Vu Pham vu at sivell.com
Sat Jan 17 20:22:06 UTC 2009

When I extend my root vg ( the VG that has the root lv ) to an PV on the 
md0 device, the system boots into a panic complaining that the UUID of 
PV on the md device does not exist. But before I extend it, the system 
boots normally, showing the md0 and its pv is up.

Any advice is greatly appreciate.

Below is my disk configuration before running the vgextend g1volgroup00 

[root at g1 ~]# pvdisplay
   --- Physical volume ---
   PV Name               /dev/xvda2
   VG Name               g1volgroup00
   PV Size               9.90 GB / not usable 6.76 MB
   Allocatable           yes (but full)
   PE Size (KByte)       8192
   Total PE              1266
   Free PE               0
   Allocated PE          1266
   PV UUID               H0owWs-k8Li-w0Mb-3CgN-5gsM-haJy-BYYkrh

   --- Physical volume ---
   PV Name               /dev/md0
   VG Name               g1volgroup00
   PV Size               156.19 MB / not usable 4.19 MB
   Allocatable           yes
   PE Size (KByte)       8192
   Total PE              19
   Free PE               19
   Allocated PE          0
   PV UUID               4m2GFx-QDv0-Gb8q-qxAG-QMIc-If9i-b1ge12

[root at g1 ~]# vgdisplay
   --- Volume group ---
   VG Name               g1volgroup00
   System ID
   Format                lvm2
   Metadata Areas        2
   Metadata Sequence No  5
   VG Access             read/write
   VG Status             resizable
   MAX LV                0
   Cur LV                2
   Open LV               2
   Max PV                0
   Cur PV                2
   Act PV                2
   VG Size               10.04 GB
   PE Size               8.00 MB
   Total PE              1285
   Alloc PE / Size       1266 / 9.89 GB
   Free  PE / Size       19 / 152.00 MB
   VG UUID               EFxLNW-31H9-lyLD-oprg-UvLB-lVNF-3Qv6zG


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