[linux-lvm] LVM partition type

Bryn M. Reeves bmr at redhat.com
Thu Mar 5 15:59:02 UTC 2009

Tejas Sumant wrote:
> Hi there,
> I created a physical volume using pvcreate command on /dev/sda. When I
> checked the partition entries in MBR for /dev/sda using fdisk observed
> that no partitions were displayed.

The pvcreate command only creates LVM2 labels, it does not update the 
MBR or other disk label at all.

> Why pvcreate doesnt make partition entry with type 8e in MBR? Which

That's your job ;)

If you chose to use partitions for PVs then you need to create those 
partitions and set their type codes appropriately (although LVM2 
doesn't actually check/use those type codes anywhere - it's really 
more of a "documentation" step these days).

> partition entry gets used in case whole disk is made PV?

None of them. If you use the whole disk as a PV it should not have any 
MBR at all.


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