[linux-lvm] fsync() and LVM

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sun Mar 15 08:51:02 UTC 2009

> > Does that mean I should never use more than one device if I have
> > applications depending on fsync (databases)?
> It just means that write barriers won't get passed to the device.
> This is only a problem if the devices have write caches.

But fsync is implemented using 'write barriers' - so fsync does not

After fsync, all data should be sent from the OS to the disk controller:

a.) this work perfectly using LVM?

b.) this does not work at all using LVM?

c.) it works when you use one single physical drive with LVM?

I am confused. The thread on the postfix list claims that it does not
work at

- Dietmar

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