[linux-lvm] Metadata Header->size

Tejas Sumant tejas.sumant at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 12:43:08 UTC 2009

I have question about metadat area size.
/* On disk */
/* Structure size limited to one sector */
struct mda_header {
        uint32_t checksum_xl;   /* Checksum of rest of mda_header */
        char magic[16];       /* To aid scans for metadata */
        uint32_t version;
        uint64_t start;         /* Absolute start byte of mda_header */
        uint64_t size;          /* Size of metadata area */

        struct rawLocn raw_locns[0];   /* NULL-terminated list */
The size mentioned in metadata header includes precommitted metadata
area(raw_locn[1]) or it excludes?


Tejas Sumant

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