[linux-lvm] Resize physical volume

karl at mouse-hole.com karl at mouse-hole.com
Tue May 5 16:20:35 UTC 2009


Does anyone have any advice on this matter?


Karl Wagner wrote ..
> Hi all
> I have just been through a fairly major reorganisation of my data, and need to
> resize the physical volumes in my LVM setup.
> Currently I have sd[a-d]6, which are physical volumes for the volume group ‘data’,
> and sd[a-d]7, which contain nothing. My plan was to get rid of p7 on each device
> and extend p6 to include that space. However when I tried on sda, I got an error
> after of Couldn't find device with uuid…
> These are the steps I took:
> * Deactivate all vg’s
> * Fdisk /dev/sda
> * Delete p7
> * Delete p6
> * Create p6 with start at start of old p6, end at end of old p7
> * Write part table
> At this point, sda7 has gone and sda6 is the correct size (checked with blockdev
> –getsz). But running a pvscan, lvm tells me it cant find sda6.
> What am I missing?
> Regards
> Karl

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