[linux-lvm] removing a missing vg

Eugene Vilensky evilensky at gmail.com
Mon May 11 19:22:57 UTC 2009

> > I tried to remove some NetApp LUNs from a RHEL 4.6 system, and
> > originally stale mappings remained in multipath -ll which I was not
> > able to flush.  In production instance, I am unable to remove the
> > multipath mappings because the vg is missing.  How can I deactivate a
> > missing vg?
> dmsetup remove <device name>

on the LV device?

#dmsetup remove /dev/vgTEST/lvTEST
dm_task_set_name: Device /dev/vgTEST/lvTEST not found
Command failed

on the mpath device?

# dmsetup remove /dev/mpath/mpath1
device-mapper: remove ioctl failed: Device or resource busy
Command failed

In the future you probably want to unmount file systems, deactivate
> volume groups, delete kpartx mappings etc. and flush the multipath
> devices from the host before you delete the LUNs from the storage.
> This way everything on the Linux side can finish up cleanly and you
> aren't left with stale devices lying around.

Excellent advice.  I am hoping a KB article or the dm-multipath guide could
be expanded for all the steps?  I can't find much on 'removing devices' in
the 4.6 System Administration guide.

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