[linux-lvm] Re: "Incorrect metadata area header checksum" after a pvmove and pvresize

Jon jonr at destar.net
Sat Oct 3 08:34:03 UTC 2009

Hi Thiago,

Here is a link to a RH doc that seems to match what you are describing.
I have used this once before successfully but use at your own peril. :)



On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 21:31 +0000, Thiago Nunes wrote:
> Please, some one have a hint to me? Have I made something wrong?
> I have an 80 GB hard drive (sda) who had a swap of 500 MB (sda1), an
> /boot with 30 MB (sda2), a physical volume with 55 GB (sda3) and some
> less important partitions after.
> I use gentoo and some days ago I needed some more free space on my
> /var/tmp/paludis (/dev/vg/tmp-paludis) and, workaroundly, ran a
> pvcreate on /dev/sda5, who had 5 GB, added it to my volume group and
> resized the logical volume /dev/vg/tmp-paludis.
> Now I want to use my hard drive with a new scheme partition using the
> sda3  until the end of the drive, with no more partitions after this.
> To do that I took an auxiliary hard drive and booted my machine with
> this drive (sdb) and using the System Rescue CD (v1.1.3) distribution.
> Then I created an sdb1 with 6GB, ran pvcreate on it and added it to my
> volume group. So I ran pvmove on sda5 to move data to sdb1, since sda3
> had no more free space. After that I removed sda5 from my volume group
> and deactivated the volume group to repartition my hard drive,
> recreated the sda3 to occupies the drive until the end and ran
> pvresize on sda3. Everything ran ok with no errors or warnings.
> Then I wanted to use my system again and I rebooted the PC to boot my
> system. I would continue to pvmove the sdb1 after I got my system
> running but at the boot got the message "Incorrect metadata area
> header checksum" from vgchange -a y on initrd and never more could
> access my volume group.
> Now I am on system rescue cd again and can't access my data. I don't
> know what went wrong and don't know how to securely recover my volume
> group.
> Someone have any hint to me?
> Here are the output of plenty useful commands:
> --
> thiago
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