[linux-lvm] Unmounting file system hangs up...

André Gillibert rcvxdg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 17:11:06 UTC 2009

Thinking Outside the Well <rod.rook at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree you are right on your suggestion that Fedora is trying to umount a
> network file system. I think it actually is trying to umount a CentOS file
> system installed in another hard drive. The reason why I think that way is
> that whenever I log on to CentOS, it complains that something is wrong with
> the file system and checks it
Not properly unmounting a network (NFS, CIFS, etc.) mount point shouldn't break the target file system in any way, and shouldn't cause fsck to report errors.
Is CentOS hard drive on another computer?
In that case, what network file system protocol is used, if any?
If it's local hard drive, then, it's probably mounted as local file system (ext3 or other), and, not properly unmounting it, may cause fsck to complain.

The contents of /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab or /proc/mounts may help you.

fstab contains a static list of fs mounted at boot time.
mtab and /proc/mounts contain the list of currently mounted file systems, including ones that might have been automatically mounted by your desktop environment when HAL notified it.

André Gillibert

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