[linux-lvm] Total free space using added VGs and LVs

Lou Arnold larnolda1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 14:52:08 UTC 2009

These questions stem from experiments using the LVM GUI on a CentOS V5.3
system. It seems that I need some expert help, and I would be grateful for a
definitive answer because this has been troubling to me.

1) I have been trying to add a 2nd drive (one partition) to my system, and
then to see the total free space via the file browser. But this doesn't work
if I create a new volume group and add the drive to that. Why is this so?

2) I also tried adding the drive to the existing volume group (VolGroup00)
and created a new logical volume group (LogVol02) for the drive. But again,
the file browser shows different amounts of free space at root (31GB) vs
after the mount point of the new drive (/mnt/X2nd40GB) (35 GB). Why does it
not show 66 GB free no matter what folder I look at?

3) Only when I add the drive to the the existing volume group and logical
volume (VolGroup00/LogVol00) does the file browser show the total free space
(66 GB) no matter where I look in the folders. I understand why this is. (No
need for a reply for this).

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