[linux-lvm] Total free space using added VGs and LVs

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 03:19:54 UTC 2009

> I've tried this (add a drive to VolGroup00/LogVol00) and it certainly works,
> but it is much more difficult to undo than 1) creating a new volume group
> and new volume, or 2) adding the drive to VolGroup00 and creating a new
> volume. I read the documentation, but the file system fails whenever I
> reboot. After all, LogVol00 is mounted at root, you can't unmount root
> to shrink the volume. If you assume that the drive is empty and so you don't
> have any data to migrate, how does one do it?

Welcome to the joys of planning your partitions and their filesystems. :-)

When you're working with the root partition or any other partition
needed by the system you can't make changes while the LV is in use.
But then again, you are in the same boat with regular partitions, the
tools just change.

When you say migrate, are you meaning migrating to a larger drive? Or
do you mean migrate portions of the filesystem to a new logical volume
with free space?


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