[linux-lvm] Can not use vgimportclone multiple times for the attached disk

Sarkar, Kaushik Kaushik.Sarkar at netapp.com
Thu Apr 1 10:40:13 UTC 2010


I successfully mounted the associated logical volume from the backup of
the same machine.
Before SCSI scan I have only /dev/sda2
After SCSI bus scan (rescan-scsi-bus.sh) I can see the new disk attached
to my RHEL machine.

# vgimportclone -n NEWVG /dev/sdc2

It successfully rename the VG.
#vgchange -ay NEWVG

I am able to mount the logical volumes associated with this VG to verify
the backup.

After verifying I un-mounted logical volume and remove the volume group.
Vgremove -f NEWVG 

But the new disk /dev/sdc2 still attached
I tried to do vgimportclone again it fails
# vgimportclone -n NEWVG /dev/sdc2
Fatal: /dev/sdc2 is not a PV., error: 5

I tried to remove the physical volume labeling then tried from the fresh
but still no luck.
#Pvremove -f /dev/sdc2
# rescan-scsi-bus.sh
# vgimportclone -n NEWVG /dev/sdc2
Fatal: /dev/sdc2 is not a PV., error: 5

What went wrong? What is the correct step to achieve it.

KauShik SarKar

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