[linux-lvm] help to recovering my home volume

KiKouN kikoun at kikoun.org
Mon Apr 5 14:45:09 UTC 2010


First, sorry for my english.

The other day, I wanted to create a multi-iso usb (for install- 
party) but I stupidly copied the image on my main hard drive.

When I have seen my error, I have stop the copy and run
"cat /proc/partitions" to make a backup of my partition table. But the
system was crash before.

I have reboot to a liveCD and make a copy of my disk on an other disk.

I have run testdisk and gpart on this image without success. So I have
make a bash script with dd and grep to find some file or some special

With this script, I have found my last lvm backup text file
( http://pastebin.com/TTSnpr47 )

I want to know if I can make an image file of my home LV with this file
and how to calculate the start/end sector (on the disk) of my home LV.

dd if=sda.img of=home.img bs=512 count=size_of_home_part1

I think that size_of_home_part1 is 11008*8192 but I want to know how to
calculate start_sector_of_home_LV. How to calculate this value ?

In the lvm backup file, I don't know what is the value "pe_start" in pv0
section. What is this value ? 

thanks for your help.

Some more info:

# hdparm -g /dev/sda

 geometry      = 14593/255/63, sectors = 234441648, start = 0

My partition table before the crash. 
/dev/sda1	/boot 	~200Mo
/dev/sda2	/boot2 	~200Mo
/dev/sda3	swap	~1Go
  /dev/sda5	PV	~107Go
End of disk

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