[linux-lvm] mpath_prio_weighted usage

Sunil Gupta sugupta at redhat.com
Sun Apr 25 12:36:04 UTC 2010


I have a customer who wants to know the usage of prio_callout 
mpath_prio_weighted . From the usage it shows

Usage: mpath_prio_weighted <hbtl|devname> <regex1> <prio1> [<regex2> 
<prio2>] ...
Warning: This priority callout is based on a path's device name or its
H:T:B:L. Both of these can change when the node is rebooted, and can
differ from node to node. (i.e. there is no guarantee that sda will point
to the same device after a reboot) If you use this callout, it may be
necessary to manually edit /etc/multipath.conf after any reboot.

please describe the <regex1> <prio1> part of the command.

I tried a comand and it succeeded but not sure what it will do.

# mpath_prio_weighted sdb  sdb* 4

Thanks in advance


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