[linux-lvm] loading of dm-mod by libdevmapper

Alasdair G Kergon agk at redhat.com
Thu Jan 28 22:40:50 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 09:01:19PM +0100, Luca Berra wrote:
> Is there any particular reason why libdevmapper does not load dm-mod as
> needed, like lvm does for dm targets?

Until recently libdevmapper did not have target-specific code (which this
would need).  Ultimately I want to move most of the target-specific 
activation code out of LVM into libdevmapper.

> Would a patch in this sense be accepted?

Depends on the patch.  If it works as the next step of this 'moving the code
scheme' or is tiny, perhaps.  If it's too clumsy or would have to be removed
before moving the code in, no.


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