[linux-lvm] Metadata too large for circular buffer

Christopher Smith csmith at nighthawkrad.net
Sat Jan 30 00:22:58 UTC 2010

I am having this problem on a large VG (75TB) with about 320 LVs.

I found an earlier thread discussing this problem here, but I'm not confident my understanding is good enough to work off what's there:

As this data is somewhat important, I'd appreciate some help in working out exactly what to do.  The VG is clustered, and I do have the ability to add a new PV (with a larger metadata area), then pvmove everything off another PV, remove/recreate that PV, etc, etc, to get larger metadata areas on all my PVs.  I could also shut down the other node and revert the clustered VG to unclustered if that would make things easier (it's only there for redundancy, not capacity).  However, at the moment I can't do anything - even lvrename or lvremove returns this error.  Can I get some step-by-step instructions in making LVM use some file for its metadata so I can shuffle things around ?

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