[linux-lvm] [SOLVED?] rebuilding LV ext4 filesystem

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Wed Jul 21 20:41:00 UTC 2010

Thx. That's one try. 

BTW: what is a .milk file? There were several of these I found under several layers under lost+found.

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On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 11:34:45AM -0700, Ken Bass wrote:
> Okay, I finally got to do what Stuart D. Gathman suggested. And it worked,
> sort of.
> NOW: I am left with a clean ext filesystem, but with about 300GB in
> lost+found, and not other files. Just guessing on that amount, since that is
> how much was on the LV before the crash. So the next logical and obvious
> (and desperate) question is: how to I restore all (or any) of the files
> under lost+found?
> Most of them (that I am interested in)were either image files (jpg, png,
> bmp), ISO images (DVD, CD), music files (mp3, flac, etc), and a few MS
> executables. Is there a utiliity that can help restore these files, maybe
> scan the lost+found files for these types?

Not a lot of help, probably, but the "file" command should at least give you some idea of what type of files they are.


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