[linux-lvm] How to use liblvm

ben benscott at nwlink.com
Mon Jul 26 05:11:25 UTC 2010

On Monday, July 19, 2010 02:18:47 am chen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to lvm API programming and want to use API instead of CLI,
> I have scanned all functions in lvm2app.h of liblvm,
> but I couldn't find one function that can match the command "pvcreate" and
> I don't know how to create snapshots using liblvm

The pvcreate function is part of vgextend now. First liblvm is used to create 
a group then to extend it with the devices you want to include. Finally you 
can write the changes. 

> Could you give me an example about how to build a  logical volume and its
> snapshot using "liblvm"?
> Thank you very much!

I don't think snapshots can be done with the library yet. Only simple linear 

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