[linux-lvm] lvm2's problem or device-mapper's?

Busby.Cheung chaimvy at 163.com
Wed Mar 10 06:34:48 UTC 2010

Hi All,
         I used 'lvcreate' cmd to create a logical-volume named 'lv-test', belongs to volume group 'vg00'.
        Then I gave the lv-test  big IO like:'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/lv-test bs=4K'.  while it was in this big IO, I use 'lvcreate' cmd to create a new lv using lv-test's vg 'vg00'. it take a long time to do it. I found it finish util the 'dd' ended.
        Is it caused by some functions like 'suspend'  in VG, the IO suspend  can't be done in a very quick way?
       I don't know what cause the problem, 'lvcreate' a new LV very slowly while big IO on another LV in the same VG.
      Anyone can help me? Thank you very much.
best regards,
Bubsy Cheung
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