[linux-lvm] Multipath / LVM2

blub at trans.am blub at trans.am
Tue Mar 16 16:40:20 UTC 2010


I have troubles to get multipathing working on gentoo. I have an identical
setup working on a debian box.
The problem is that LVM does not detect labels on the multipath device
node; instead it does try to use a physical path (eg /dev/sda1)

the device nodes /dev/dm-X are not automaticaly created like they get on
debian, I did run dmsetup mknodes which did not create /dev/dm-X nodes, so
i created /dev/dm-0 with the minor/major of the corresponding /dev/mapper/
node. I don't know if this is a problem.

anyway, I've pasted alot of output to http://pastebin.com/wheL4nyE

hope somebody can help me :)


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