[linux-lvm] Two questions about cluster support (2 problems, actually)

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Wed Mar 17 02:57:10 UTC 2010

On 10-03-16 04:50 PM, Milan Broz wrote:
>> # pvdisplay
>>     connect() failed on local socket: Connection refused
>>     WARNING: Falling back to local file-based locking.
>>     Volume Groups with the clustered attribute will be inaccessible.
>>     "/dev/drbd0" is a new physical volume of "399.99 GB"
> apparently clvmd is not running, you cannot see clustered PVs.
> Anyway, the DRBD need to setup filters to work properly with lvm2,
> (filter out underlying drbd device)
> (or update to new lvm2 version, RHEL5/CentOS5 build will be available
> in next minor update).
> For more info see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=530881
> (not sure it is related, but for archive and other users...)
> Milan

Thanks for the reply, Milan!

I had made the change to the 'filter' argument, but I was using 'filter 
= [ "a|drbd.*|", "r|.*|" ]'. I switched to 'filter = [ "a|^/dev/drbd|", 
"a/sd*/", "r/.*/" ]' and started 'clvmd'. This seems to have solved the 
problem, so thank you.

If I may ask another question though;

My DRBD device is '/dev/drbd0' which sits on either node's 
'/dev/san0x/lv02'. When I ran 'pvcreate /dev/drbd0' the PV was created 
successfully and 'pvdisplay' shows the new PV on both nodes. However, I 
see this:

# pvdisplay
   --- Physical volume ---
   PV Name               /dev/sda2
   VG Name               san02
   PV Size               465.51 GB / not usable 14.52 MB
   Allocatable           yes
   PE Size (KByte)       32768
   Total PE              14896
   Free PE               1407
   Allocated PE          13489
   PV UUID               ru7tmz-Qd4d-aatg-4ReY-TPPq-gMll-Z5ZOkL

   "/dev/san02/lv02" is a new physical volume of "399.99 GB"
   --- NEW Physical volume ---
   PV Name               /dev/san02/lv02
   VG Name
   PV Size               399.99 GB
   Allocatable           NO
   PE Size (KByte)       0
   Total PE              0
   Free PE               0
   Allocated PE          0
   PV UUID               MjwXhY-T3dw-IUkI-ZdSI-FKEB-KJdq-nl9GUo

Note that the 'PV Name' is '/dev/san02/lv02' but the device passed was 
'pvcreate /dev/drbd0'. Is this correct? I'd expect it to show the DRBD 
device, not the DRBD's underlying logical volume.

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