[linux-lvm] how to change the volume group name of the attached backup

Sarkar, Kaushik Kaushik.Sarkar at netapp.com
Thu Mar 18 14:43:10 UTC 2010



I have a 2 Linux(RHL) machines (L1 and L2).  One is clone of other. I
have taken the backup of a L1. Now I have attached that backup to L2.


Before attaching L2 has /dev/sda and after attatchement it has /dev/sdb

But I cant mount /dev/sdb as it is on LVM. As both are having same VG
NAME I can't even mount logical volume.

So I thought to change the volume group name of the second but not able
to do that.


My intention is to mount the backup of L1 in L2 to check all data are


Need your help to solve it.


Thanks in advance.



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