[linux-lvm] logical volumes and raid alignment

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Sun May 2 22:12:25 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2 May 2010, Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth wrote:

> My raid chunk size is 64k and I am using 5 data-bearing discs (raid 5
> with 6 discs), so the raid stripe size should be 64k * 5 = 320k.
> But unfortunately the --physicalextentsize must be a power of 2, so I
> cannot use a multiple of 320k as the physical extent size.
> What are your experiences with tuning and properly aligning lvm + raid?
> Does anyone know a workaround?

Use 4 data bearing disks.  Let #6 be a spare.  You're supposed to have
a spare anyway.

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