[linux-lvm] Adding a disk to expand an existing logical volume

kevin k at kevinkevin.com
Wed May 19 17:07:17 UTC 2010

> I would only recommend this if the drive is permanently attached to your
> server.  If there is any possibility of it getting moved to another
> especially another OS, it is likely to appear "unformatted" and the other
> OS will offer to create a partition table, etc, destroying the data.
> The partition table, although otherwise useless for LVM (and a pain when
> trying to align PPs to some lower lever boundary), does serve the purpose
> of telling other PC operating systems that there is something there.

This drive is to be permanently attached to the system so I don't think I
need to worry about marking it as 8e in fdisk. Thanks all for your help.
This clarifies a lot of things for me.


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