[linux-lvm] Is it possible to bypass LVM and mount contained partition directly?

Romeo Theriault romeo.theriault at maine.edu
Mon May 31 19:21:36 UTC 2010

I apologize if this has been asked before but I was unable to find any
references to it in the mailing list archives and googling around
isn't helping much.

Is there a way to directly mount, bypassing LVM, a ext3 partition that
resides in a LVM LV and VG? It resides on one PV.

The problem is that I have read-only copies of VM's that are backed up
via a SAN based snapshot/backup tool. I'm trying to create a method to
allow the VM admins to restore their files from the snapshot backed up
VM's. I'm at the point where I can access the partitions and can mount
the ext3 partitions fine but I'm having trouble with the LVM volumes
because I can't import the pv/vg because they have the same name/uuid
as the existing VG (it's really the same system) and I can't change
them with something like vgimportclone because the backed up vm image
files are read-only.

Thanks for any help.

Romeo Theriault

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