[linux-lvm] Corrupted physical volume

Sam Przyswa samp at arial-concept.com
Sat Nov 20 13:25:21 UTC 2010


For the first time I have a problem after remove a physical volume with 
the command "pvremove". the partition was /dev/sdb4 and after the 
"pvremove /dev/sdb4" command I got an error and the pvdisplay give me:

Couldn't find device with uuid '2KFcH6-vX6o-2olV-CuAN-iSbQ-HwOz-SKlkoe'.
   --- Physical volume ---
   PV Name               unknown device
   VG Name               Disk1
   PV Size               127,63 GiB / not usable 874,50 KiB
   Allocatable           yes
   PE Size               4,00 MiB
   Total PE              32673
   Free PE               32673
   Allocated PE          0
   PV UUID               2KFcH6-vX6o-2olV-CuAN-iSbQ-HwOz-SKlkoe


How to fix it ?

It seems I have an other PV corrupted, is it a way to restore/fix a LVM 
with a tool as fsck for filesystems ?

Thanks for your help.


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