[linux-lvm] mounting a filesystem on LVM2

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Tue Oct 5 06:24:09 UTC 2010

On Tue, 5 Oct 2010, Tapas Mishra wrote:

> I have read it but what I am asking is not mentioned.
> I am breaking an LVM which is not having any filesystem on it into 2 parts.

"LVM" stands for Logical Volume Manager. You can't break it up.  It is a set
of software.  (Well, you can, but then it wouldn't work so good.)  Some things
you might be trying to say:

1) a "PV" is a Physical Volume.  You add these to to a Volume Group, and
   once you do that you can do one of the following.

2) a "VG" is a Volume Group.  This you can "break up" into many logical
   volumes.  Use the lvcreate command to create logical volumes, one
   for your filesystem and another for your swap.

3) an "LV" is a Logical Volume.  An advanced user might want to use an
   LV to simulate a disk, putting a partitional table on it.  Usually
   this is done by using the LV as a virtual disk for a Virtual Machine,
   which then partitions and uses the virtual disk as it pleases.
   You could also use fdisk/parted to partition an LV, and kparted to
   make the partitions available as separate block devices.

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