[linux-lvm] moving an LVM as an ISO can be moved

Phillip Susi psusi at cfl.rr.com
Tue Oct 5 15:45:14 UTC 2010

On 10/5/2010 8:06 AM, Sunil Gupta wrote:
> Use vgexport or snapshots. but if you are using the removable media then
> use any backup  device disk tape etc.

vgexport is to remove a physical volume from the set, while leaving any
logical volumes it holds in place.  It sounds like the OP does not want
to do that, but rather copy a volume over the network.

> --Sunil
> Tapas Mishra wrote:
>> Can an LVM be copied or transferred to some remote server in a similar
>> fashion as I can do with ISO.
>> I copy the ISO at one one place to some other location and on the
>> second location I can mount this ISO
>> as a loopback device and do what ever I want.
>> Is similar thing possible with an LVM.

This is unrelated to LVM but if you want to image a disk volume you do
so the same way as with a cd/iso image: use dd.

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