[linux-lvm] Lvm Strange Problem

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Mon Oct 11 13:23:00 UTC 2010

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Jörg Stephan wrote:

> > It seems pretty clear that all your servers have both a snapshot and a
> > live LV.  At power up, they search for their disk and randomly find
> > either the live or the snapshot first.  You need to take the snapshots 
> > out of the search path.
> >
> well, mostly the snapshot was removed some days after they were made.
> Also the snapshots had of course different names, how could it be that
> they were used? And even if this, why are all machines with the failure
> bound to the same date?

I believe your problem is with your SAN, not LVM (you did mention using iSCSI).
I'm talking about SAN snapshots, not LVM snapshots (although the SAN server 
could very well use LVM underneath).  The SAN volumes have no names, just
LUNs.  At boot, they are searched for a matching UUID, just like directly
attached physical volumes.  When taking a SAN snapshot (clone), the UUID
of the clone is the same as the original, whether a filesystem or VG is
on the SAN LUN.

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