[linux-lvm] LVM Naming Convention

Mike Seda maseda at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 19 22:23:26 UTC 2011

Hi All,
Recently, I came across the new LVM naming convention in RHEL 6. This 
convention places the output of "hostname -s" in the VG name. This 
doesn't really fit into the way I've previously setup VGs, which was to 
create a new VG for each type of disk attached to the system, e.g. RAID 
1 SAS 10K (local), RAID 6 SATA 7.2K (SAN).

I guess I could modify the naming convention slightly as shown below:
- /dev/vg_`hostname -s`_[0-9][0-9]/lv_{foo|bar}

Another thought I had was that maybe I don't need a separate VG for each 
type of disk since the lvcreate/lvextend commands seem to be able to 
create/grow an LV by PV. My understanding is that this would allow you 
to skip the step of growing the VG by the PV, right?

Essentially, I'm just wondering what other folks in my situation are 
doing for LVM naming.

Thanks In Advance,

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