[linux-lvm] Securing against data lost

Sun_Blood sblood at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 11:40:05 UTC 2011


Hope someone have time to answer this because google is not giving me
the answers I need.

I have just started to use LVM(a few years later then everyone) and
I'm wondering how I can protect my self from failure to the LVM setup.
Before when I had for example 3 harddisk at 200gb each (/dev/sd[b-d])
with one partition each and a disk failed I would maximum lose 200gb.
Now with LVM the LV is 600gb I'm worried that I can loose all if one
disk have a problem.

So how can I protect myself from this?
What happens if I accidental destroys the LVM information?
What happens if the first disk fails do I lose everything on the two
second disk too?

Best regards

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