[linux-lvm] cmp of inactive mirrored LV fails

starlight at binnacle.cx starlight at binnacle.cx
Fri Dec 2 21:47:36 UTC 2011

It just occurred to me that the system
in question is a development box that
is abused in stress testing and other 
scenarios.  It crashes in horrible ways
fairly often.

So I realize I should soften my criticism of
LVM  mirroring somewhat.  Probably the
differences resulted during one of the
numerous kernel deaths.  Block-by-block
mirror re-synchronization has been
suppressed by the existence of persistent
mlogs.  Then again, I suppose the mirror
log logic is where the failure resides.

That fact and that LVM mirroring
reliably hangs the kernel if a swap
mirror and only moderate system stress
are present leaves me with the conviction
that LVM mirrors will be entirely avoided
here going forward.


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