[linux-lvm] Cannot access logical volume (open count=1)

Peter Flass Peter_Flass at Yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 21:14:22 UTC 2011

I'm truly sorry to bother the developers' list with this question, but 
I've searched and can't find an ansewr that works.  A system crash seems 
to have corrupted something in my fedora system.  I boot to a rescue CD 
and look thru LVM.  The disk (sdb) has one vg and three lv's on it.  
Call the vg vg_xxx, the lv's are lv_boot (ext3, I believe), lv_swap (no 
fs) and lv_home (ext4).  I can't fsck (e2fsck) lv_home or do anything 
else with it, LVM says it's open count=1 where the open count of the 
other two lv's is zero.

I can't find who has it open.  /proc/mounts shows /dev/sdb1 mounted on 
/media/usb0, when I umount  it (either by mount point or device) it 
disappears, but the lv still shows open, and as a result I am unable to 
do anything with it.  lsof also shows nothing open that resembles this 
lv.  I can inactivate the other two lvs in this vg, but not lv_home.

What can I do to fix this problem?

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