[linux-lvm] Sharing Volume Group between systems

Avinash Gaonkar agaonkar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 06:40:13 UTC 2011

Dear Team,

Can we share a Volume group between systems?
I have a virtualized setup using Vmware Hypervisor, I am using Openfiler as an alternate to storage (NAS) on virtualization.
As I need tenant isolation, I am using different Openfiler instances to provide storage.

My scenario: I have 1TB of LUN from a NetApp SAN configured on 6 Openfilers, and all Openfilers has R/W access to the VolumeGroup created.
All these Openfilers are creating Logical Volumes on the Shared Volume Group. 
Till now All my Openfiler are able to R/W access the Volume Group and create Logical volumes/Shares and serve the clients as NFS and CIFS share.

My Question is can I put this setup into production, what challenges will I face.

Awaiting your valuable response on this.


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