[linux-lvm] lvm, config and commandline

xake at rymdraket.net xake at rymdraket.net
Thu Jan 27 09:37:17 UTC 2011

I have a system with a script at bootup currently running something like
"lvm pvscan && lvm vgscan && lvm vgchange -ay" all with the option
"--config 'global { locking_dir = "/dev/.lvm" }'" since when the script
runs /var/lock is not in a writeable state. --ignorelockingfailures is
fine, but gives a message on stderr I do not want, but I still want to get
other error messages so "2>/dev/null" is not an option.

I realized however that if I run this as a script using lvm as interpreter
(running lvm once and the commands inside of lvm) I cut the time for this
script in half.

But with that I have the following problem:

# echo "pvscan --config 'global { locking_dir = "/dev/.lvm" }'" | lvm
lvm> pvscan --config 'global { locking_dir = /dev/.lvm }'
  Parse error at byte 1 (line 1): unexpected token
  Failed to set overridden configuration entries.

I want this:
# lvm pvscan --config 'global { locking_dir = "/dev/.lvm" }'
  PV /dev/sde1      VG lillen-home   lvm2 [698,63 GiB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/md126p1   VG lillen        lvm2 [596,18 GiB / 27,18 GiB free]
  Total: 2 [1,26 TiB] / in use: 2 [1,26 TiB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]

So how do I pass --config inside of lvm and still have it able to parse it?
Also, would it not also make sens to have --config an option working
directly on lvm (something like "lvm --config "something" <command>)?

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