[linux-lvm] why 'lvcreate' command blocked?

Busby.Cheung chaimvy at 163.com
Mon Jul 4 02:33:37 UTC 2011

The PV device is a MD device, RAID5 on several SATA disks。
Linux kernel is 2.6.29. 
The SATA disks belong to a JBOD and the JBOD can be accessed by 2 controller(I use some methods to control multiple access). 
The OS on both of the controllers are the same, but one will hang and the other did not, so I think there is not any bad sectors on the disks.
Maybe there is something wrong with the MD (soft raid) driver, I should to check more information.
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> On Fri, 1 Jul 2011, Busby.Cheung wrote:
> >        When I used the lvcreate cmd in my system, it blocked for a long
> > time. My OS kernel version is linux-2.6.29, is there any bug?
> There is a bug somewhere.  Your block device is hanging.  You don't
> mention what kind of block device and what driver are used for your
> PVs.  It would only be an LVM problem if the block device was itself
> an LVM device. :-)
> For instance, if your block device is iSCSI, and the SAN server is
> down, or your block device is DRBD and the link is slow (has
> happened to me), or your block device is a disk that is frantically
> playing with bad sectors (has happened to me also), then LVM
> would "hang".
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