[linux-lvm] Please help me recover my LVM configuration

David Ziring zeke at thebayou.net
Sat Jul 30 22:06:03 UTC 2011

Following up on this message, I don’t want anyone to think I’m asking for help without doing my own research.  

I found  a set of instructions at http://www.barryodonovan.com/index.php/2007/12/08/lvm-recovery and it’s similar to my problem (although my physical volume is on a partition instead of the entire disk) and I want to make sure that the plan to repair my system won’t wipe existing data.

So, assuming the data is still on /dev/sdc1, if I recreate the PV, will I lose data?  i.e., will pvcreate –vvvv –u <my uuid> /dev/sdc1 destroy the data on the partition?
Similiarly, will vgcreate –v <my volumename> /dev/sdc1 kill my data?

Am I heading in entirely the wrong direction?


From: David Ziring 
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Subject: Please help me recover my LVM configuration

Hi all, 

I’m hoping I can get some help recovering my data.  A week or so back I accidentally overwrote the partition table on one of the two drives containing my data.  I luckily didn’t touch the partition itself, so I believe all the data is still there, but in rebuilding the partition table I (think I) nuked the uuid of the drive.  Now I’m not sure how to progress.  
Please help this relative neophyte – there is a lot of nostalgia sitting on those drives.  Tell me what information you need and I will get it.

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