[linux-lvm] [dm-devel] do not disable ext4 discards on first discard failure? [was: Re: dm snapshot: ignore discards issued to the snapshot-origin target]

Martin K. Petersen martin.petersen at oracle.com
Wed May 4 17:32:14 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Czerner <lczerner at redhat.com> writes:

Lukas> Also I am not sure why this changed discard_max_bytes from
Lukas> 4294966784 to 2147450880 in my case, that does not seem
Lukas> right...lsblk in the first place apparently overflowed.

2G is correct. The relevant libata patch was missing from the series I
submitted during the merge window and I don't see it in the archives. It
was at the end of the stack so I guess I had an off-by-one in my commit

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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