[linux-lvm] Cannot unmount logical volume to reduce it

Joe Pruett joey at q7.com
Tue Nov 8 18:16:47 UTC 2011

when you use the rescue disk, you need to tell it to skip the mounting
of the drives.  and i hope you know that you need to shrink the file
system first before you reduce the lv.  i don't know if the appropriate
tools will be available on the rescue disk without mounting the main
system drive, though.  using a livecd might be needed.

On 11/08/2011 10:00 AM, Dan White wrote:
> RHEL5.7 x86_64
> I want to reduce the size of the logical volumes on a server.
> The two giving me trouble are mounted on /var and /usr
> I cannot unmount them to reduce them.  Even tried booting into a rescue disc.
> Any suggestions ?
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