[linux-lvm] Changing dev_t-devname mapping in lvmlib seems to be problematic

Matecki, Lukas Lukas.Matecki at lvr.de
Mon Oct 24 08:10:41 UTC 2011

Hallo List,

We are using LVM with SAN and multipathd. I try to setup mirroring with LVM. So I do pv create on a mpath device. vgcreate, add the pv to the vg, create a lv and setup a mirror with this:

lvconvert -m1 vg<name>/lv<name> /dev/mapper/mpath0 --mirrorlog core

My intention is to create a logical volume which can handle SAN Disk failure.

But in this shown setup i get a error (unavailable logical volume) when one of the san LUNS is missing.

Can this system work or did i need to setup a mdadm device before pvcreate ?

Hope you can help me because Redhat can't... them sitting two weeks on this error / miss configuration without any solution...



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