[linux-lvm] (bump) liblvm2app improvement suggestions

ben benscott at nwlink.com
Mon Sep 19 03:03:36 UTC 2011


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On September 12 05:30:58 PM ben wrote:
> When reading the list of logical volumes using the library it can be really
> difficult to determine just what type of volume each one really is. The
> problem is that the attributes field doesn't cover all the possiblities. A
> volume can be an origin and a mirror or it may be a mirror log that is also
> a mirror. I have had to resort to parsing the name string for things like
> "_mlog" to determine what I am dealing with.
> It would be really helpful to have some functions like:
> lvm_lv_is_snapshot(const lv_t lv)
> lvm_lv_is_mirror(const lv_t lv)
> lvm_lv_is_origin(const lv_t lv)
> lvm_lv_is_mirror_log(const lv_t lv)
> lvm_lv_is_mirror_leg(const lv_t lv)
> and you get the idea.
> Thank you.

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