[linux-lvm] deficient lvs interface: worked around: restore premerge state to stop merge...

Linda A. Walsh lvm at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 19 07:02:34 UTC 2011


posting the way to stop a merge, (given that no one else seemed
to have the answer)... removed the 'uninteresting vg/lv's...

Home still merging:
# lvs --all -o lv_name,lv_attr,origin
  LV                       Attr    Origin
  Home                     Owi-ao
  [Home-2011.09.03-00.28.36] Swi---  Home

Since the device for the snapshot was gone (dmsetup removed it),
the only place it seemed to be stored on disk was
the on-disk VolGroup table...so...lets fix that!

Find right backup...

# vgcfgrestore -l Home+Space
  File:             /etc/lvm/archive/Home+Space_00199.vg
  VG name:          Home+Space
  Description:      Created *before* executing 'lvconvert --merge  \
  Backup Time:      Sun Sep 11 17:29:56 2011


# vgcfgrestore -f /etc/lvm/archive/Home+Space_00199.vg   Home+Space
  Restored volume group Home+Space
# lvs
  LV                       VG         Attr     LSize   Origin
  Home                     Home+Space owi-ao   1.00t
  Home-2011.09.03-00.28.36 Home+Space swi---   1.00t   Home
# lvremove /dev/Home+Space/Home-2011.09.03-00.28.36
  Logical volume "Home-2011.09.03-00.28.36" successfully removed

Didn't even have to use "-f" on the lvremove...

Hey, seems like it's the only way to stop a merge (?)


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