[linux-lvm] Moving RHEL 6 to new HDD, EFI and LVM2 questions

Mario Deng mariodeng at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 31 17:16:17 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,
one year ago I installed RHEL6 on one HDD. This was my first RHEL installation, so I did not spent so much time on partitioning and so on. The partition table looks like this:
sda1: /boot/efi; 200MB
sda2: /boot; 200MB
tmpfs: /dev/shm: 50GB
/dev/mapper/lv_root: 50GB
/dev/mapper/lv_home 50GB
Now I want to change the HDD.
I have done that some times using "dd" or "cp -ax" and fitting the partitions and so on.
- But how to deal with /boot/efi? can I just dd or cp it?
- And what about the LVM? dd the partitions themselfs or the whole LVM?
With best,
mariodeng at googlemail.com

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