[linux-lvm] lvremove snapshot hangs LVM system

Da dcodix at gmail.com
Mon May 7 09:19:46 UTC 2012

Thanks a lot Ray,

I will give a try as soon as I can find a window as the server is in production.

Anyway, I add some information.

As I said, the lvm system stop responding after a lvremove of a
snapshot. This snapshot is a snapshot of a clustered system (clvm) but
with exclusive use.
When I remove it (and it works) the snapshot is active. I thought that
maybe that was the problem, so I tried to deactivate it first with the

[root at s02 ~]# lvchange -an /dev/vols-001/vol01-autosnap-1333451491
  Can't change snapshot logical volume "vol01-autosnap-1333451491"

Don't know if I am doing it the correct way, but I am unable to
deactivate the snapshot.

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