[linux-lvm] preparing for impending switch to git/fedorahosted

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Wed May 30 15:05:46 UTC 2012

Petr Rockai mentioned that lvm development will soon be
switching away from cvs for good (hurray!), and asked about fixing
some of the warts in the current mirrored-from-cvs git repository.

Now is indeed the best (and only) time to fix any problem you know
about in the repository.

There were many commits with incomplete author/committer name
and/or email address:

    $ git log --pretty=format:%an:%ae|sort -u

The snippet below fixes those listed above, as well as the
typo in Petr's email address.  Here's the resulting list of authors.
If anyone else would like a name/email change, let us know.
I notice that Zdeněk Kabeláč's name is spelled two different ways.
We can fix that, if desired, and if we know which is preferred.

  AJ Lewis:alewis at redhat.com
  Adam Manthei:amanthei at redhat.com
  Alasdair Kergon:agk at redhat.com
  Andres Salomon:dilinger at voxel.net
  Ben Lutgens:blutgens at sistina.com
  Benjamin Marzinski:bmarzins at redhat.com
  Bryn M. Reeves:breeves at redhat.com
  Christine Caulfield:ccaulfie at redhat.com
  Dave Wysochanski:dwysocha at redhat.com
  Fabio M. Di Nitto:fdinitto at redhat.com
  Heinz Mauelshagen:heinzm at redhat.com
  Jim Meyering:jim at meyering.net
  Joe Thornber:joe at fib011235813.fsnet.co.uk
  Jonathan Earl Brassow:jbrassow at redhat.com
  Mike Snitzer:snitzer at redhat.com
  Mikulas Patocka:mpatocka at redhat.com
  Milan Broz:mbroz at redhat.com
  Patrick Caulfield:pcaulfie at redhat.com
  Peter Rajnoha:prajnoha at redhat.com
  Petr Rockai:prockai at redhat.com
  Steven Whitehouse:swhiteho at fedoraproject.org
  Takahiro Yasui:tyasui at redhat.com
  Thomas Woerner:twoerner at redhat.com
  Zdenek Kabelac:zkabelac at redhat.com
  Zdeněk Kabeláč:zkabelac at redhat.com

Here's the "command" to make the above changes.
Anyone can run it just before they push the "initial" repository
into the empty fedorahosted git repository.

git filter-branch -d .git-rebase --env-filter '

  fabbione) n="Fabio M. Di Nitto" e=fdinitto at redhat.com ;;
  mpatocka) n="Mikulas Patocka" e=mpatocka at redhat.com ;;
  prajnoha) n="Peter Rajnoha"  e=prajnoha at redhat.com ;;
  snitzer) n="Mike Snitzer"    e=snitzer at redhat.com ;;
  steve) n="Steven Whitehouse" e=swhiteho at fedoraproject.org ;;
  taka) n="Takahiro Yasui"     e=tyasui at redhat.com ;;
  twoerner) n="Thomas Woerner" e=twoerner at redhat.com ;;
  zkabelac) n="Zdenek Kabelac" e=zkabelac at redhat.com ;;
  # The above are just correcting for missing mail map.
  # This corrects an email address: s/prok/prock/
  "Petr Rockai") n="Petr Rockai" e="prockai at redhat.com" ;;


' master

If there are other types of corrections, like improper authorship,
or typos in the commit logs, we can fix those, too.

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