[linux-lvm] Need help with lvm

Tinni t_inni at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 17 20:38:08 UTC 2012

Hi ,

I have one server  rhel4 42 bit.

one lvm file system  is  mounted  ..

But not getting the  volume group  neither the lvm while checking with
vgdisplay .. only getting the pv name..

The existence of the volume group there  in the  /etc/lvm/backup and
/etc/lvm/archive directory..

Not sure how come the lvm  is mounted when the vol. group is not in
the active state..

HEre are the mounted file system:

/dev/mapper/back2-apps1   50G 553M 47G 2% /apps/apps1
/dev/mapper/back2-apps2   9.9G 480M 8.9G 6% /apps/apps2

when applying vgscan /lvscan command ,not getting  any result of the volume group back2
at all..

The behavior is , kind of somebody deactivated the volume group and it is not activating
while the  lvms are mounted.  But the question is how come a volume group will be
de activated  when the lvm is mounted  Not sure it is the behavior of  rhel4 32 bit or not.

Kindly give me some advice..
Thanks again

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