[linux-lvm] Funding and Feature Request Management For Open Source

Boian Mihailov boian.mihailov at cvalka.com
Fri Apr 5 06:16:58 UTC 2013


We have just launched a site to help existing open source projects
with funding (www.catincan.com). Our goal is to help more open source
projects become self-sustaining and competitive with propriety
solutions. We're hoping you might provide us with some insight by
answering the 3 questions below.

1. Do you have any problems funding your open source project?

2. What would the perfect solution have to help the open source
community gain funding?

3. Would you use a solution like Catincan to fund your project? If no,
why not?

Thanks for your feedback. Hearing from open source developers really
helps us understand what's most important. If you have any questions,
just let me know.


Boian Mihailov

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