[linux-lvm] LVM snapshot merge and corrupted file

Guilherme Moro guilherme.moro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 11:41:11 UTC 2013


I know that is a too broad question, but please be kind ;)
The scenario:
RHEL 6.2 - snapshot a disk mounted over multipath device mapper
Upgrade system to RHEL 6.4
Merge the snapshot to return the system to previous state.
System get unstable and rebooting cyclic (not reaching user-level, at
least the logs don't show it)
Spot a file that got more or less 1200 bytes corrupted (mostly turned to 0).

Sadly, I got called to the machine too late to recover the console
output of the reboot (it's a blade and no console logs was
configured), and could figure out if some hardware failure happened.

As I don't have proper logs to further investigate my questions is:

- There are any know issues around snapshotting in this conditions
(RHEL 6.2 -> RHEL 6.4, multipath)?
- There's any chance of this being a software failure (bug?) and do
the restore procedure warn me in the logs (/var/log/message?) about
any failure during the restore (even if hardware related).

My main suspicion for now is a hardware failure somewhere, but I was
kindly asked to be sure that this can't be a bug.

Any thoughts or pointers (docs, pieces of code, testing reports) would
be appreciate, so don't be shy :)


Guilherme Moro

PS: Do Red Hat, or somebody else do any kind of continuous integration
tests on LVM?

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