[linux-lvm] Help with a confused lv

Andrew Walsh awalsh at e-walsh.net
Mon Jan 28 16:00:47 UTC 2013

I've seen this kind of behavior when you get multiple VG's (and LV's in my
case) with the same name many times over.

The issue that I witnessed was due to the host vgscan picking up the lvm
information on the Virtual Machine disks and adding them to the host's
running config.

    | \_PV_VM
    |   \_VG_VM
    |    \_LV_VM
    | \_PV_VM
    |   \_VG_VM
    |    \_LV_VM

In this case, the host was picking up VG_VM (and LV_VM) three times and
adding it to the running config.  I was seeing the same type of warnings
you 'read failed after ....' for each duplicate that was found.

The method I used to fix this was to adjust the "filter = " line in
/etc/lvm/lvm.conf (on a ubuntu 12.04 LTS system) under the devices section
to explicitly prevent any of the virtual machine LV's from being added to
the config.
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