[linux-lvm] I can't have the mirror_log mirrored, LVM complains "there is no suitable space"

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 4 10:55:24 UTC 2013


wow, that smells like a logic bug to me. If not, then the documentation needs a VERY obvious warning about how to properly do mirrored devices with mirrored logs (nee 4+ distinct PV devices). If the internals can't be fixed, then it needs to error out on creation when there aren't 4 devices to work with. Any particular reason why you wanted pseudo-external logs in the first place?

Does 'lvcreate -nv' show you the work plan?

I'd say most people use MD for any sort of RAID functionality. It's implemented better (or at least faster).

>I've just started with LVM, I might not see the obvious.

maybe turn down the exotic, till you have more experience?

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